Doors of the Worlds is a combination of non traditional fine art and social cause.

Part of the proceeds go towards Vidas Plenas (Fulfilling Lives), a Christian non profit organization dedicated to help cover the physical, educational, social, spiritual and emotional needs of children, teenagers, adults and families in La Limonada -- a very poor and unprivileged area in Guatemala City. This organization is partly funded by Lemonade International to help break the cycles of poverty, violence and injustice.

At this time, Doors of the Worlds donation covers the monthly supply for over 300 children who attend the 3 schools in the area. 

You can check out here Lemonade International's webpage if you wish to know more about the work they do and/or further donate to their cause:


Why invest and work with the children?

 Prevention is their focus. The time and resources they invest in rescuing one gang member, are the same as investing in prevention in 30-35 children. 

They, and us as well, truly believe that investing in these children will entitle them to have dreams and give back good to society and that can only be achieved if their basic needs are met --a well balanced diet, education and a healthy life overall.


Vidas Plenas (Fulfilling Lives) achieves these goals through their 3 main programs:

  • ‘Small Schools’ or Academies for Life for all children from La Limonada.
  • Scholarship Program for all children and youth attending their programs.
  • Community Support Program for the elderly and handicapped.


My hope is that we can change the lives of these children and their families ONE DOOR AT A TIME!