You have to know I have a thing for doors. I have been taking pictures of doors for over 25 years, mainly in Guatemala, but also from other countries I get to travel… I love the texture, composition, decoration and the world that could be behind each one.

This project emerged during the time I was brainstorming on ideas for Christmas presents for my clients and bumped into a 3D composition a cousin of mine had at his house. It was a relief plain scenario and a light switch turned inside my head… I could work all those beautiful Guatemalan doors with a similar technique. After some trial and error we hit the jackpot and created an amazing technique which makes each door stand out on its own.

The gifts were a big hit and at the end, a great marketing tool. People loved them and were asking about options for purchase.

Decided to risk it (nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right?) and started production with a fairly small amount to meet the market demand and up to this day our production grows each week. As the first ones we made, all are still produced in the small workshop set up in my photography studio.

Since I am dreaming big, in a near future I want to set up a workshop dedicated especially to the production of Doors of the Worlds where people from ‘La Limonada’ (a very poor and unprivileged area inside Guatemala City) can be trained on the process and work the pieces from beginning to end. This is a huge part of my dream for this project so we can truly be opening doors to our employees, their families and their community in so many ways. 

We use the "assemblage" technique, in which the photo is cut into different pieces and then assembled in different layers, creating a beautiful 3D and realistic effect.

A friend of mine pointed out that the title is misspelled and should be World and not Worlds in plural as it is, but as I explained, there's no error...

Our name comes from the purpose I dream for this project... to open many worlds of opportunities to these kids, and this can only be achieved if we break their cycle of poverty by brightening their future and opening doors of opportunities for them by investing in their education. Through the support they receive from this project, God willing they will be able to have a brighter future filled with worlds of opportunities, growth, dignity and self worth that will be multiplied for them, their families and their community. 

Because to me there are many worlds behind each door and the possibilities are infinite on ways we can help create new opportunities to less privileged people. 

I hope you come in and be part of this transformation one door at a time!


Alan Benchoam