Alan Benchoam, passionate photographer born and raised in Guatemala City is the artist behind this incredible and unique door collection. 

He puts to good use his passion for photography to create 3D art from photos he takes. He started experimenting with this technique a few years ago after seeing a 3D composition and decided to give it his personal touch. After some trial and error he finally got the desired results and this is how ‘Doors of the Worlds’ was born. 

Alan has been fighting MS since 2005 when he started to loose his sight but gained it back completely. Then in 2014 symptoms came back, this time affecting his legs and again, recovered completely, not even doctors could explain how. 

Even through these difficult trials he manages to stay positive and enjoy life. The love for his work keeps his spirit up and creativity flowing, always reaching for the next step. 

He is a truly good soul, he always sees the good in people and is always looking for ways to help out others.

Doors of the Worlds has been growing at a fast pace and with this growth, he hopes to open more doors of opportunities for people from La Limonada, teaching them the skills and employing them to work the 3D pieces which would be literally opening their worlds… one door at a time

Alan has published 2 books. The first one, ‘Pase Adelante’ (‘Come in’) with over 200 different and beautiful Guatemalan doors. Unfortunately, it was liked so much that is sold out for the moment.  

And the second book, a national Best Seller ‘PanorAMAGuatemala’ (‘Scenic Guatemala’), a collection of beautiful Guatemala's natural scenes with exponential colors in a big panoramic format. (Check it out in the Books tab!)

"I'm greatly inspired by Guatemala's doors with their textures, colors and history. They are unique in the world. It's exciting to do something new in 3D photography that's never been seen in Guatemala. I also love how the photos help educate unprivileged children in La Limonada (a very poor area in Guatemala City). With each sale, we help cover their monthly school supplies.”